Demonstration for Radical Life Extension. Tel Aviv. Jan 20. Yanki Margalit

High-tech entrepreneur and futurist Yanki Margalit, the founder of “Aladdin Knowledge Systems” –

To want life-extension is not something lyrical, it is something which is happening and which people are working for. I don’t think it will be an exaggeration to think that our children and the children of our children will live hundreds of years. There is nothing illogical about it. … I want to praise tradition, the tradition that increased human life expectancy from 20 to 50 to 80 years. What a wonderful tradition this is, the tradition of research, science, development, progress, foresight. We have to continue this tradition. What has been, will be. This process has to continue – 80, 100, 200 years, and who knows what next? But that will apparently be the lot of our children, not us. We belong to the generation of Moses. And if someone proves me wrong, I will be happy. Wishing us all success.

In the signs:
Science Against Aging
There are no conflicts among the living

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