Demonstration for Radical Life Extension. Tel Aviv. Jan 20. 02012. Photos

Thanks to Roy Cohen and Doron Dvory for the photographs

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Oded Carmeli
Reuel Shuali

In the slogan – public housing instead of graveyards

Yanki Margalit

Jeremy Fogel

Gabriel Moked

Ilia Stambler

In the slogans – right to left – There are no conflicts among the living – Science against Aging – We shall write Life-extension – We Shall not die for the Grave of Joseph

Oded Carmeli – spontaneous poetry reading

At the grave of Chaim Nachman Bialik, next to the grave of Max Nordau

Ilia Stambler – spontaneous poetry reading

Reuel Shuali – spontaneous poetry reading

Merav Yachin

השאר תגובה