Demonstration for Radical Life Extension. Oded Carmeli and Reuel Shuali

The editors of “Let Us From Now On,” the poets Oded Carmeli (left) and Reuel Shuali (right), read from the journal manifesto

If enough of the living free themselves from the tyranny of the dead, we will all finally
direct our spiritual, material and scientific, resources to that which each of us wants and has been shy to demand: Life. Indefinite Life Extension…. How could the dead have blinded us from seeing the clear fact, that traditional societies shorten the lives of each of their members? It is a clear-cut fact, that those who follow their ancestors should expect a similar fate. Unlike the dead, there are no interpersonal or international conflicts between the living . All interests are in line with the one common interest: prolonging life. The lifestyle should serve life. The living should serve life. The living should write life. Let us from now on write the prolongation of life.

השאר תגובה