We demand radical life extension

Albert Einstein once said that the definition of madness is to do the same thing over and over again and to expect different results. And the results have indeed been the same: death has come to all in the past. Insofar as we wish a different outcome, on Friday afternoon, January 13, 2012, at 12.00, next to the Trumpeldor Cemeteryin Tel Aviv, we will do the only sane action possible:

We will demonstrate against the economic, political and spiritual grip of the dead and the deadening on our life, and for radical life extension.

We believe that radical life extension means radical life affirmation, and conversely, the affirmation of life means the end of death. We, the living community of Israel, believe in the power of modern art and science to affirm life, and to inspire the desire and the effort to achieve life extension.

Our demands are:

1. We, the living community ofIsrael, refuse to die for the Grave of Joseph. We believe that there are no inter-human conflicts and no inter-national conflicts. All people have the same common interest: Radical Life Extension. We, the living minority ofIsrael, demand to participate in the long-term decision making processes.

2. We, the living community ofIsrael, refuse to be buried in nursing homes. The nursing homes are turning into graveyards. We demand the establishment of a government agency to fight the disease of aging. Its budget must be coupled to the budgets of the existing agencies for the struggle against drugs and alcohol, for the struggle against traffic accidents, and for the struggle against terrorism, with the budget shares according to the proportion of deaths from each cause.

3. We, the living community of Israel, refuse to sell our lands to the grabbing dead. We demand public housing in place of graveyards!

4. We, the living community ofIsrael, refuse to play in the game that we have already lost. The “free competition” of the present kind is neither competitive nor free. We demand the socialization of the assets of the dead by imposing a full inheritance tax. We believe that all the resources are created as the result of cooperation between the living, therefore they belong to all the presently living.

5. We, the living community of Israel, refuse to pass on deadening traditions that have been bequeathed to us. We demand the separation of religion from death and the rooting out of violence, stupidity and vapidity from our textbooks and our holy books.

Let us speak up at the demonstration and at the launching of the journal “Let Us from Now On”.

Onward and Upward. In solidarity with the cause of radical life extension,

The Editorial Board of “Let Us from Now On”


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