Demonstration for Radical Life Extension. Prof Gabriel Moked



Prof. Gabriel Moked, the writer, professor of philosophy at Ben Gurion University and editor in chief of the journal “Achshav” (Now):


“The struggle with death has been at the center of our poetry. And I think of two of my friends, who are not with us any longer, David Avidan and Yona Wallach. For them this was a crucial issue, and I think that Oded Carmeli [the editor of “Let us from now on”] is a worthy continuer of this tradition. … There is the so called “natural” approach that says: “What shall we do if our lives are very long? Won’t we be bored? I want to tell you that I am never bored. … I also reject entirely the so called “natural” approach saying that life and death are inseparable. No. There will be a breakthrough in biology.  The matter is rather trivial, a matter of manipulating proteins and cells. We may not solve all the great philosophical and religious problems… but we will live very long. … You know the Latin proverb “Ars Longa, Vita Previs” (the art is long and the life is short). I hope that not only the art but life too will be long.”

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