Greeting from Danila Medvedev

Danila Medvedev, president of the Russian Transhumanist Movement

These are new times for Transhumanism, the times when Transhumanists go to the streets, to cemeteries, to city squares and loudly pronounce what they are striving for. First of all, we strive that the prolongation of life will become a reality. Because without the preservation of life, we cannot speak of other realities and other goals. We demand the beginning of research for the prolongation of life, for the struggle with aging, so every person will be able to use all currently available technologies to avoid death, and to help the near and dear ones to avoid it as well. And we are happy that not only in Russia, there have started political activities related to life extension. This activity begins in the necessary format – not just by negotiations with politicians or science officials, but by going to the streets. Because no great change in human history has been realized without common people first demanding it from the government and from the society. This is the way discriminatory laws have been abolished, this is how the economic situation changed, this is how wars have been stopped. In the same way we will achieve the prolongation of life. Because this is not just a scientific question, this is first of all a social task. As long as the society calmly accepts the consumerist miracles it is offered, and does not think about the future, does not think about the possibility of human beings becoming something more, as we Transhumanists speak about it, do not think about life extension – so long the society will not place priority on scientific research. I am therefore very glad that not only in our country, but now also in Israel and hopefully soon also in other countries, Transhumanists go to the streets, in the format of a demonstration, and in a language understandable to the politicians and to the society speak of what we demand. Wishing you success in your political struggle. We are with you.

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