10th seminar on transhumanism – report

Dear Friends,

I am delighted to report that yesterday’s 10th seminar on transhumanism/life extension was a true success, really one of our best meetings ever! Great many thanks and kudos to the presenters: Anna Salamon, Joshua Fox and Sergio Stein, and all the wonderful people who attended!

Anna’s presentation on “Transhuman rationality” fostered the pursuit of a rational pragmatic attitude needed for the continued survival and progressive transformation of humanity.

Joshua’s presentation on “Artificial Intelligence, Human Intelligence” brought home the idea that artificial intelligence, as an optimization system, is not necessarily beneficent, and its beneficent goals need to be predetermined in advance, which was followed by a lively discussion of strategies for creating a friendly AI.

Sergio’s presentation on “The Basics of Technological Singularity” inspired a spirited debate regarding the underlying assumptions and predictive value of exponential trends in technological development.

Many thanks again to the presenters and participants. If you would like to present at our future meetings or have suggestions for our future activities, please let know.

Looking forward to the next meeting,


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One thought on “10th seminar on transhumanism – report”

  1. Hi,

    Good seminar, thanks to Ilia, Anna, Joshua, Sergio, and everyone else.

    Is possible to upload the presentations to the singulariut website or anywhere else?


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