Biologists of Aging needed at Haifa University

Haifa university

The University of Haifa Faculty of Natural Sciences is an independent, young and dynamic faculty striving towards excellence. The faculty is a biological research institution with more than 200 employees, and 2 campuses located in Oranim and the City of Haifa, Israel.  The Faculty encourages researchers to acquire, apply, and create knowledge through interdisciplinary, flexible, and collaborative programs and state of the art technologies by focusing on personal enrichment, and professional advancement especially in the field of aging biology.

We are actively expanding our research program in the genetics of aging and recruiting faculty members with a research focus in this field, especially those centered on cellular mechanisms of aging.

To facilitate such an aspiring project, the faculty is actively seeking highly motivated scientists for tenure-track faculty positions at the rank of Assistant / Associate Professor with a strong background in molecular biology and genetics. While previous experience in bioinformatics and data analysis is not necessary, this would certainly be an advantage. The area of interest involves the use of metabolomics and systems biology in model organisms to understand the ageing process. The positions will involve conducting lectures in Hebrew.

Please forward this message to people who may benefit from it.

For inquiries, please contact Prof. Gil Atzmon of the Department of Human Biology, Haifa University [email protected]

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