Conference "The Biology of Longevity and Quality of Life" – Bar Ilan – March 26 – Israel Science Day

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Dear Colleagues,

We are happy to invite you to the conference "The Biology of Longevity and Quality of Life" that will take place on Israel Science Day, March 26, in Bar Ilan University, in the Mintz Auditorium (Building 403). The conference will feature some of the recent Israeli and International research on aging, and experimental ways of its postponement and extension of healthy lifespan.

Attached please find the conference program. The attendance is free.

Please forward this invitation to your mailing lists.

Looking forward to seeing you at the conference!

The organizing committee

Prof. Haim Cohen – Bar Ilan University
Dr. Ilia Stambler – Bar Ilan University

Program PDF

The Conference Program

The Biology of Longevity and Quality of Life

Gathering 09:30-10:00
Prof. Haim Cohen – Bar Ilan University, Conference opening 10:00-10:10
Introductory Panel
Prof. Gregory Livshits – Tel Aviv University, Genetics, Genomics and Metabolomics of Muscular Mass Variation 10:10-10:40
Prof. Esther Priel – Ben Gurion University,   A possible novel therapeutic approach for healthy longevity using telomerase increasing compounds 10:40-11:10
Keren Yizhak – Tel Aviv University, Model-based identification of drug targets that revert disrupted metabolism and its application to aging 11:10-11:40

11.40-12.50 – Break

The Central Panel

Prof. Benjamin Ehrenberg – Bar Ilan University, Vice President for Research, Panel opening 13:00-13:10
Prof. Nurit Yirmiya – Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Science, Greetings to the participants 13:10-13:20
Dr. Aubrey de Grey – SENS Research Foundation (US),Keeping people healthy in old age with regenerative medicine 13:20-13:40
Prof. Haim Cohen – Bar Ilan University, Extending healthy lifespan by SIRT6 13:40-13:50
Prof. Gil Atzmon – Haifa University, 100 the New 70 13:50-14:00
Dr. Nirit Lev – Rabin Medical Center, Recent developments in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases of old age 14:00-14:10
Dr. Sivan Korenblit – Bar Ilan University, An ageless task: resolving the stress of misfolded proteins 14:10-14:20
Dr. Ilia Stambler – Bar llan University, The need for public awareness and support of longevity research 14:20-14:30

Closing Panel 

Dr. Yael Heifetz – Hebrew University, Aging and Reproduction – Old Flies’ Stories 15:00-15:30
Prof. Yosef Gruenbaum – Hebrew University, The crosstalk between aging, metabolism and lamins 15:30-16:00
Dr. Aubrey de GreyDiscussion, The importance of a research effort in the biology of aging and healthy lifespan extension 16:00-16:30


Entrance is free

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